PACIFIC - Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

PACIFIC - Mulberry Silk Scrunchie - Beyond Scrunchies

PACIFIC - Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

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Silk hair scrunchies have surprisingly incredible benefits for the hair in comparison to a traditional hair tie. Why should you make the switch?

Protection: in simple terms, silk reduces friction. This means that you are less likely to wake up with a bad case of bed head if you were to have a silk scrunchie in your hair while you sleep. Not only is it frustrating to have to fix your head full of tangles, it is also quite damaging to your hair as it causes breakage, knots and split ends. You will immediately feel and see the difference once you start wearing a silk scrunchie to sleep instead of a traditional hair tie. Your hair will thank you later!

Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly: silk fibres are coated with a protein known as sericin. Sericin repels dust mites which are a major source of allergic irritation. This protein also makes silk resistant to mold, fungus and bacteria. Silk products are eco-friendly due to it being a pure natural material which is 100% biodegradable. Because of this, there are no plastic particles being dumped into the ocean during the production process (save the turtles)!

Decreases frizz and hair tie creases: traditional hair ties cause friction due to the materials used which increases the look frizzy hair. Silk scrunchies eliminate friction which means your hair will no longer appear frizzy! You will also no longer have to worry about that awful hair tie crease in your hair after you remove your hair tie if you make the switch to silk. 

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Williams
Love love love

I am in love with every single scrunchy! They are amazing and I wear them every day. I have enough that I have a scrunchy to match every outfit. The color is absolutely beautiful and they are long lasting. If you are on the verge of purchasing, just do it. You won't regret it.

Trish Maranto

Can't get enough of these beautiful scrunchies!!!

Elizabeth R
A must have colour and so gentle!

Love this colour so much that I have multiple. I have hair that is just below my shoulder and this scrunchie stays in place and is super soft and gentle on my hair. Before finding Beyond Scrunchies I was using regular hair elastics which were uncomfortable and always ripping out or breaking my hair. Feeling so grateful that I discovered Beyond Scrunchies!

Angella Smeall
Pacific mulberry scrunchie

I have a lot of these scrunchie’s and I love them all. They are all I wear in my hair since I found them on TikTok. I love the color Pacific it’s so pretty as are all the colors in their collection. I would highly recommend these for anyone.

Rebecca Stears
Beautiful scrunchie

I love this scrunchie, it’s such a beautiful colour and I love wearing it in my hair and on my wrist as an accessory!


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