Hi, I'm Chanel! I founded Beyond Scrunchies during the dark times of 2020 when I took up sewing as my new quarantine hobby. What started as a side hustle so that I could move out of my parents house after just graduating University, my "little business" turned into way more than I could have ever imagined. 

And that's how Beyond was born! I started off by making 5 different colors of silk scrunchies to now carrying 200+ different colours and prints of silk and a wide variety of many more items beyond a scrunchie. All of our items are designed to solve a specific problem while providing the least damaging option for your precious hair.

My hair has always been one of my biggest insecurities and the more damaged it looks, the more insecure I am. That's why I started sewing silk items for myself to begin with (before the brand became a brand), I wanted to see if it actually made a difference in my hair before I splurged and bought elsewhere. Boy, was I ever shocked!! 

Because of my own hair insecurities, I've always made sure that each item I come out with has a purpose but especially, is non-damaging. The two fabrics that we sell, silk for when your hair is dry and microfiber towel for when your hair is wet, are the two least damaging fabrics currently on the market. Since switching to my own products almost 5 years ago, my hair has done a complete transformation. As well as the 20,000 customers that have shopped from Beyond (just check out my reviews, duh!!). If I take pride in anything, it's knowing that every item you ever purchase from Beyond Scrunchies blows you away not only aesthetically, but for the benefits it has on your overall hair health.